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Mug Monster Concept

Mug Monsters are adorable plush friends carefully crafted almost entirely out of recycled materials (save thread). They are always happy to help you! They keep your tea hot and your miso toasty… holding your nourishing broth on a brisk fall morning -> still pipin' past lunchtime! They keep water cool all day while you run errands, or garden in the hot sun. They help sneak beverages into theatres, saving $10 while disguised as a small soft friend (tested!). They also keep your belongings ~phone, currency, essential oils, chapstick, keys, any small secrets~ in a hidden interior compartment. They tell you which water is yours and bite anyone who dares to spread their germs on your mug. They keep your spaghetti yummy at a conference, festival, or camping trip. Mug Monsters have been proven to keep your hots hot for over 5 hours! And your colds cold even longer. And of course, you can leave your mug out and simply use your Monster as a bag!


Mug Monsters are lushly quilted and designed to durably keep a quart size Mason jar. As is the Appalachian Way, we all appreciate a good Mason jar for many uses... only occasionally for moonshine. Let us not forget, they also protect you from putting harmful chemicals into your body by keeping your beverage in a glass jar, rather than plastic.


Mason jars have the added benefit of being tempered, so you can pour boiling water or soup directly into them with no worries. Throw a tea bag or some loose herbs in your jar and you can steep your hot tea all morning long!


Mug Monsters include a large interior drawstring pocket, a soft top handle, and two metal rings to clip on keys or add a strap. Shoulder straps will are also available for purchase through our store.

*Adding a strap could also just be as simple as tying a scarf on two ends!*

Your Mug Monster may have been many things in a past life: a well-loved velvet shirt, a not-so-appreciated dress received at Christmas that never really fit, a 6 year-old's recital outfit that was worn once and grown out of. I salvage and create with any materials that still have a pulse... the leftover laundry from the island of misfits. I derive great joy from re~vamping the old, re~constructing the past, re~stitching the fabric of yesterday. Why use new materials when there is already so much: discarded leather, copper wiring from old appliances, fabulous fabric from a not~so~fabulous moomoo.

 I want each of my friends to find a safe, happy home, and be used often. They are all machine washable, on cold with like colors… yet prefer not to go in the dryer. Some super wild custom Mug Monsters may not be machine washable, so if in doubt, send us a message at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also be sure to send any pics you may wish to share. Any and all pics of Mug Monsters in their new homes are always treasured, and could be added to!


Created By: TonOfHam.