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Amelia's Blog
Mug Monsters for Everyone: 04.03.2012

To list each new Monster design as it comes out would be impossible. With each new custom, with each new Mug Monster batch, there is newness; ranging from a customer's idea I had never thought of, to a straight up Mug'ster revelation. Each week brings us a better, more improved Mug Monster.

Lately I have really made it my mission to experiment with new fabrics, and push Mug Monsters into a whole new category. Scratch that- ALL categories. Gone are the days when your Monster choices were as simple as which velvet+eyeball combination you thought would look best with your outfit choices. I am really striving to find a Monster skin that suits everyone's lives, and am pouring all of my energy into doing so. Not only for the little girl who only likes pink, to the little boy who wants a super funky Mug'ster, or the herbalist who likes earth toned paisleys.

What about the green builder who takes his coffee or mate' to work everyday? Or the festival goer who wants their Mug Monster's eyes to glow in the dark, and their hair to glow in the blacklight? And let us not forget about the chic business woman who yearns to have her favorite coffeeshop brainfuel poured into a matte steel grey mug monster with subtle black leather detailing.

With each new color batch I have been doing, I have been trying to touch on a different demographic. Khaki, corduroy, twill, velvet, spandex, faux fur, lycra, chino, minky, mesh, fleece, leather, and now... denim.

It is my goal to broaden this as far as I can, and to have a wide variety available to you all, on, at all time. Before festival season hits in full swing this year, I am making it my priority to have a fully stocked online store for all of you out-of-state Mug Monster worshippers. Your emails have not gone unheard.

Keep 'em coming: your comments, questions, suggestions, requests. They are all invaluable and are a HUGE contributor in the Mug Monster Revolution.

Thanks for everything, Mug Monster Lovers. ~Amelia

Mug Monster Revolution: 2012

Just what is a Mug Monster Revolution? IT means much, much more than just seeing them everywhere. It means reusing your washable glass and turning down disposable cups at coffee shops and food joints. It means staying hydrated with your own favorite beverage right at your side; whether your hiking, at work, out on the town, or doing errands all day in a hot car (insulation= hot/cold all day!). It means not having to drink tap water at a deli, with all of the chlorine, flouride, and other harmful chemicals included, and also not having buy bottled water (in a "throw away" bottle) at a street festival for $3. It means keeping harmful plastic and chemicals OUT of your body, by eliminating the plastic you drink out of. It is particularly important to use glass when dealing with hold and cold beverages.

But there are also other things that Mug Monster Revolution stands for. Recycling! Mug Monsters are made out of mostly all recycled products. Donated retired pillows (WASHED!), used dresses, pants, hoodies, blankets, swimsuits, fleece throws, robes, hardware from broken belts and purses, even torn up car seat covers!! All of these things are reclaimed and made into Mug Monsters. Even a Mug Monster with a "new" outer fabric (yes, sometimes it happens!) is made out of recycled products everywhere else- stuffing, interior fabric, harware, etc. Even still, these "new" fabrics are almost always bolt ends, discontinued clearance, outlet gleanings, etc.

When you buy a Mug Monster, or any product you buy that is handmade from a local artisan, your money is going straight back into your community. You are handing it directly to a family who lives, works, goes to school, participates, and spends the money they make in your town. By participating in the newly emerging economic model, you are beautifying and investing in your own home town.

But aside from all that... yes, it is also cool just to see Mug Monsters everywhere.

<3 Amelia

Festival Monsters! 09.22.2011

What a FANTASTIC festival season it has been! This spring/summer, Mug Monsters have been witness to many different gatherings of artistisans and craftspeople. Each has been a learning experience and inspiration, not to mention a great chance to get out and see people's reactions, often gleening valuable feedback! There is nothing quite like watching people's ever-shifting wave of expression as they spot, contemplate, and study a Mug Monster for the first time...

"What the...?!? .... OH! ... Really? ... HAHAHAHAHA!"

The BEST reaction is the most often: one of pure and unchecked joy. People just can't help themselves when faced with a wall of smiling, eager Mug Monsters. The most memorable meeting of Mug Monster and humanoid of the festival season? Woody Harrelson, staring with saucer eyes. He first saw them out of the corner of his vision, immediately swirled to look, then stared unabashedly (with a touch of vulnerability), and started slowly leaning closer and closer, until face to face with all of them. "Are they... looking at ME??" You would think the man was used to being stared at, eh??

This festival season felt like a wirlwind of debutante balls, one after the other, each more successful than the last. The season's end finds Mug Monsters in three more (carefully chosen) venues, several new websites, and being sold in stores in two more states! Be sure to check "Contact" page for an updated list of Mug Monster adoption possibilities and links.

Thank you to everyone who came out, supported and cheered, kept me company at my booth (Thank you Gilbot and Blaise!!), brought me snacks and ice cream cones (Thank you Logan Alexander!!), pimped their monster proudly and boldly around the festival grounds, and generally kept Mug Monsters in their well wishes <3


mistress of monsters


You may be one who prefers to put off thinking of this white elephant until after Thanksgiving. However, if you are one who prefers to make most of your presents, tho, the time has come to begin! I have begun tonight, by steeping a WONDERFUL herbal oil that I will blend into lotion tomorrow. The herbal infusion includes: Grape Seed Oil with Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey Leaf and Root, Witch Hazel, and Balm of Gilead. It turned out to be the loveliest, most vibrant green color! Blended tomorrow with Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe, Vitamin E, maybe a few Essential Oils, a touch of Lanolin, fresh Appalachian well water.... YUM. Where was I? Ah yes...

Another reason to start thinking about Christmas, tho, is if you prefer to BUY most of your presents handmade by an artisan. A MugMonster for your loved one (and yourself, so you aren't tempted to steal it); a SnackAttack Monster for your active, silly niece or nephew; a Wandering Warrior Monster for your Father-in-Law who loves to hunt or fish... Let's face it: Not many will open a more unique or useful gift than a MugMonster this year!

I am now taking Christmas orders!! So if you are interested in giving a gift this year that is handmade from recycled materials, useful and adorable, be one of the first to message me with your requests and specifications!! Top 50 Monsters will be sure to get made. Be one (or three) of the 50!


Love and Monsters, Amelia


Created By: TonOfHam.